We use  advanced technology  in diagnosis and treatment for your benefit.  That meets or exceds today‘s demanding STANDARD OF CARE.

•  use of magnification (what's this?) during your treatment-surgical loupes and clinical microscope...

•  enhanced visibility, patient comfort and safety during demanding procedures with ISOLITE (what's this?)

•advanced tooth whitening with ZOOM®! (what's this?)

•for selected cases we use clinical lasers -BIOLASE (what's this?) and PICASSO -a diode laser for soft tissue (what's this?)

...to name just a few. This is yet another way we strive to offer you the best.

We are a general dentistry practice, so there are many different procedures we can perform to your benefit...

... "Cleaning" ...or a "deep cleaning" as necessary for the health of your gums

...fix your cavities/or "fillings"

...endodontic treatment ("root canal")
...crown and bridge restorations on teeth and implants

...removable dentures

...dental extractions,minor oral surgery

...referral to specialists we network with, for more advanced care when needed.

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Are you a new patient and this is an emergency?
Please state so when calling for an appointment !
Tip: Appointed patients have absolute priority. Since openings are limited to available time, if you need a same day visit please call early in the day to increase your chance to find an open spot!  
(what is a dental emergency?)

..First things first. As a new patient you will need a "consultation" to evaluate the status of your teeth and plan the appropriate solutions.

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