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A welcome page and our office policies

Thank You for selecting us for your dental care !

    Our goals will be to determine your needs and desires for dental treatment and deliver it in the most efficient manner with clinical excellence and courtesy. We are committed to help you maintain an optimum oral health for a lifetime.

• You can expect to receive the best dental care we can provide.

          Once you have explained your dental concerns and a thorough dental examination and necessary radiographs have been completed, a  treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you in detail. Written and/or video  explanations of most procedures and problems are available and will be offered to you. Any questions you have will be answered before treatment begins.

•  Our office offers simple financial arrangements

       Payment in full is expected at the time treatment is provided unless other arrangements have been made.

   If the treatment is extensive, partial payment can be made at appointments over that time span. For your convenience, VISA and Master Card are accepted (no transaction fee applies to you).

 For more involving procedures, an interest-free, third-party loan (up to 12 months) can be arranged (Care Credit).Click here for details

Balances not paid at the time of service  may void any and all further discounts or special offers. Outstanding balance on any account for more than 30 days will void  any and all  previous discounts or in-house benefits ad will  be billed at full charge. Outstanding balance may  lead to denial of further treatment.

   If you have dental insurance, for your protection, we will send a pre-estimate of dental treatment to your dental carrier. When the pre-estimate is returned (6 to 8 weeks), your portion of payment will be indicated. We ask that you pay that portion at the time treatment begins.

•Office hours are by appointment

       We respect out patients’ time. Each patient should feel comfortable, with adequate appointment time to address his or her dental concerns. Unless an unexpected emergency arises, we strive that patients are seen in a timely manner.

 If you have a dental emergency, we will make every effort to see you at once. We expect that other patients who might be slightly inconvenienced by this will be understanding of the emergency situation. At some point, they may need the same favor returned!

Out of courtesy for you, we may call to confirm your appointment, yet this is not a routine.   Please make a note of any dental appointments we have scheduled in a place where you will be easily reminded.


Phone calls are taken during regular business hours. If you get the answering machine,  we may be off hours or experience a momentary overload. Please leave a message including your full name, phone number and a detailed description of your problem.  Calls are answered on a priority basis.   Fax and e-mail information shown on your appointment card.   Paperwork can be left off hours in the mailbox by the entrance door.

•Late arrival, Cancellation and No-Show Policy

  If you cannot make an appointment as scheduled, out of respect for other patients, please notify the office the earliest possible.  Please allow adequate travel time to our office. Appointment time is a mutual commitment.

     There will be a charge per  hour of scheduled time for a broken appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours' notice to compensate for wasted office resources.  If our staff is successful in filling your appointment time with another patient, there will be no broken appointment charge.

Repeated late arrivals and cancellations may void any further discounts, in-house benefits and/or lead to denial of further treatment.

•Other provisions

-We welcome the little ones - nevertheless you must provide supervision of your underage children at all times.

Sorry our staff cannot supervise your child. 

-Although cell phones are not formally prohibited, please courteously limit your phone conversations to minimum.

-Sorry no pets allowed on premises.

-If you have any questions about our office policies, please feel free to contact us!